Maximize ROI through on target search for the best fit

Online job posting is commonly used for recruitment. It is low in cost, efficient in administration, and high in response rate (quantity). Yet some hiring managers complained that the quality of the candidates through online job posting is low. Managers usually receive massive numbers of CV, which require them spending extra time and effort to screen, however only a few candidates can be shortlisted.

To save time in reading massive and irrelevant CVs, hiring managers use recruiters to help doing the search and screening. Sizable recruiting firms usually have a people database to search from. This database often comprises candidates who have been connected with the recruiters before. Generally these recommended candidates are in higher quality as the recruiters also concern its reputation. However, it is suggested because of the competitiveness in recruiting firm, as well as its structure and bonus system, individual recruiter tends to focus on those easy-to-fill positions or easy-to-attain candidates. This answers why even recruiters sometimes cannot help hiring managers to select right candidates, or gradually lay back after several attempts of recommendation.

To get a more promising return, some companies are willing to get a retainer (high up-front fee) to perform a specific search.

The phenomenon here gives room to some small recruiting agencies, which are able to provide specific search service but without the request of high retainer fee. These agencies can spend weeks working on a particular role. As it is an on-target search, the hit rate is high but the cost is comparatively low. Yet the drawback is these small recruiting agencies usually need more time to do the sourcing and matching processes. Time is a cost. But if hiring a half-right person on board, the actual cost and time for training, supervision, or even finally replacement will even be higher.

- by Wendy Kwan

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