Active candidates versus Passive candidates

Active candidates cover 25% of the workforce, while passive candidates cover the rest 75%.

Active candidates are active in the job market, and will on and off go to job boards, and update their profiles in social media and resume in the recruiters’ database. They are open for better opportunities and can be much easier to reach. These candidates will be good fit in response to immediate needs such as employee departure or termination.

Passive candidates are not actively seeking a job. These candidates comprise majority of talent pool. Some of them are open for discussion on growing opportunities. They may simply need a motivation to take the move. Talent matchmaker here plays a role in nurturing and networking with this wider “untouched” pool. These candidates are good fit in hard-to-fill positions and niche roles in which typical channels failed to satisfy the requirement, or in response to strategic corporate plans. Usually it takes time and effort to link these passive candidates with employers, but the successful rate is high as the mapping is precise and on target.

A healthy hiring plan ought to cover search for both active and passive candidates which cater different corporate objectives, timing and business needs.

- by Wendy Kwan

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