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Active candidates versus Passive candidates

Active candidates cover 25% of the workforce, while passive candidates cover the rest 75%. Active candidates are active in the job market, and will on and off go to job boards, and update their profiles in social media and resume in the recruiters’ database. They are open for better opportunities and can be much easier…

Facilitate right match of Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant

The roles and responsibilities of Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant may vary for different firms and offices. In general, it holds a key role in the management of an organization by supporting the senior management executives; acting as a bridge between the senior management executive, and internal team heads/external stakeholders. Qualities and skill sets required…

Maximize ROI through on target search for the best fit

Online job posting is commonly used for recruitment. It is low in cost, efficient in administration, and high in response rate (quantity). Yet some hiring managers complained that the quality of the candidates through online job posting is low. Managers usually receive massive numbers of CV, which require them spending extra time and effort to…