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Not only active candidates, we make efforts to engage quality ”passive” candidates to meet your strategic needs. We nurture long term relationships with the candidates and build a quality pool for future prospect.

Let us do the job for you!

Talent Matchmaking is our profession. We match quality people out there with quality companies right here.

Why Choose Us

h. Huntsman ("Huntsman") is a boutique agency which holds only few projects at a time. We devote far more time and attention to each client. We are passionate about being your genuine partner, providing what you need.
  • 1 We focus not just the job opening, but your corporate culture, business and hiring situations.
  • 2 We do on target search. From experience, skillset, personality to vision of a talent.
  • 3 We search from the "passive" pool. The wider pool for reaching relevant quality people.

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